Romantic menu in GRAND HOTEL EMERALD

Chef of GRAND HOTEL EMERALD developed a romantic menu* specially for all lovers:

  • Glass of champagne for welcome
  • Appetizer or salad (at your choice) 

Beef tartare  pickled in chili sauce / Mediterranean salad with crabs, artichokes, tiger prawns and avocado

  • Hot appetizer  

 Julienne from champignons, scallops  and king crab(Served with toasts with Parmesan and salmon caviar)

  • Main dish (at your choice)

Sea bass baked with dried tomatoes pickled with herbes de Provence and zucchini with cream saffron sauce /  Beef steak with grilled asparagus  with hollandaise sauce

  • Dessert from pastry chef 
  • Drinks 

Tea or coffee


White or red wine

*Price for 2 people - 5 000 rubles. The offer is valid until February 18.

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