History of residentional house of partnership "Basseynoe". Grand hotel Emerald Saint Petersburg, Russia
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History of residentional house of partnership "Basseynoe".

Finally we return to our favorite city historical notes! Last time we talked about the unique residential house of Basseynoe partnership and innovative design ideas of architects. Recall that the construction of the house was carried out by sharing costs. Each apartment had from three to seven rooms ranging from 110 to 270 square meters. All the members of the partnership have received apartment plans before construction started. It was allowed to make changes: re-planning of rooms, replacement of doors, vide variety of decorating options. The house was one of the most prestigious in St. Petersburg. Here lived ministers, well-known scientists, doctors and artists. Historian and politicial figure Paul Miliukov, Gregory Krivoshein – general-major, professor, author and designer of the Bolsheokhtinsky bridge, artist Ivan Bilibin, George Belonovsky - microbiologist, one of the founders of Microbiology and Epidemiology Research Institute. Famous surgeon Ivan Hagen-Thorn, one of the first radiologists in Russia, professor Alexander Korolko. In early 1920 launched a campaign of crowding in apartments – more people into limited living space. Despite a large flow of proletarians, house kept the fragments of the old "gold" cast for many years, some descendants of the first owners lived in the house till the end of 1980. Here are some of the famous new residents. Actor Sergei Gerasimov rented a room with three friends in 1920. Famous theatre family of Tolubeevs moved into this house in 1918. In October 1941 Konstantine Isachenko moved with his family, he was professor of the Conservatory and famous opera singer, a member of Diaghilev's troupe. Artist from Vitebsk Nikolai Suetin, a follower of Malevich. Philologists family of  Vladimir Admony and Tamara Silman, the authors of the novel "We remember",  ballet dancer and actress Lyudmila Savelyev, who played Natasha in drama film «War and Peace» directed by Sergei Bondarchuk , for which the actress won «Оscar». 

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