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Suvorov Memorial Museum

Today we will tell you about the museum of the famous commander Alexander Suvorov, which is open more than 100 years for guests and residents of St. Petersburg. We should mention that Alexander Suvorov – is the first person in Russia, in whose honor the memorial museum was erected. The museum was built in St. Petersburg in 1901-1904 years on the personal decree of Nicholas the II. The emperor, who started fundraising for the museum, was the main patron of construction "temple-monument". The Preobrazhensky Regiment allocated acres for the museum – the part of its parade-ground at the corner of streets Kirochnaya and Tavricheskaya. Both lateral facades are decorated with mosaic pictures by craftsmen Maslennikov and Zoshchenko (by the way, the father of russian writer Mikhail Zoshchenko) on sketches by artists Shabunina and Popov. In the central tower there is coat of arms of the Suvorov’s family, and the entrance is decorated in the form of old russian palace porch. Ceremonial opening of the Suvorov’s Museum was held on the day of the 175-year birth anniversary of the commander at the 13th of November 1904, in the presence of Emperor Nicholas the II, representatives of the regiment in which he served and commanded, officials of the Military Academy of the General Staff, the founders of the museum and the descendants of the general. In 1918 because of October Revolution and the museum was closed and opened again only in 1951, but not as a memorial, as well as a military and history complex.

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