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Maslenitsa or russian-style Mardi Gras

Russian painter Boris Kustodiev always tried to describe the most beautiful side of Russian lifestyle – kindness and happiness, full of pleasure. In his creative works he turned to the festive theme of winter’s end – «Maslenitsa» more than once. Each time you look at Kustodiev’s «Maslenitsa», you just feel the joy and frosty freshness. He wrote «Maslenitsa» few times, but we most love painting in the year 1919. Kustodiev was trying to convey the special atmosphere of this national holiday: in the background we can see the dome of a small church - the symbol of orthodoxy. This wonderful picture is in St. Petersburg, in the Isaac Brodsky's apartment- museum. Long weekend coming to the end, but you still have time to look at the picture with your own eyes! And do not forget to eat pancakes!
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