Asparagus performance

GRAND HOTEL EMERALD and the Chef Grigoriy Sokolov present Asparagus performance at Atrium-café Versailles.

Classic dishes and original salads and desserts by creative execution of the Chef Grigoriy Sokolov.

The young Asparagus shoots which are mature in May-June perfectly fit for a spring menu. The nutritional value and great taste of Asparagus make any way of cooking possible. Classic dishes: Baked Asparagus with crab meat under Hollandaise cream sauce (1460) and Grilled Strip-loin steak, with fried Asparagus and sauce Béarnaise (1960), delicate dishes: Asparagus cream-soup with sun-dried tomatoes and fried almond nuts (570) and Ravioli stuffed with halibut, salmon and spinach under Asparagus sauce (640). For dessert Chef offers original combination of flavors Backed apple with honey, Asparagus and Circassian walnut (260).

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Dishes in the author’s execution of Grigoriy Sokolov made from fresh Asparagus present classical mix of ingredients and surprising culinary ideas! Taste Asparagus specials at Atrium-café Versailles from 21st of May to 14th of June.

For more information: 7 (812) 740 50 00 ext. 4515
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